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Thank you for considering Suburban Stump Grinding for your stump removal needs!

Stump grinding is an effective way to remove unsightly stumps on your property, increasing your curb appeal and creating a safe area to enjoy.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Our guarantee is to treat every property as if it were our own and leave the customer satisfied with the service they are paying for.

We always call DIGSAFE for utility markouts before every job. Protecting your home and utilities is our #1 priority.

During grinding we will set up barriers to keep wood chips contained to the work area to protect houses, garages, and vehicles. 

After grinding we will back fill the hole that grinding has created. We blow off any grass, walkways, and driveways that debris may have landed on. 


STUMP GRINDING - Standard grinding depth of 8-10" suitable for growing grass or re-grading. Deep grinds of 12"+ for re-planting upon request.

DEBRIS REMOVAL/HAUL OUT - We offer grinding debris removal, wether relocation on your property or haul out off site. Ground out area can be left level, or prepped 3-4" below grade for future loam/seed.

LOAM/SEED - The best way to finish off your stump grinding job! We haul in a rich loam/compost blend, spread smooth over the affected area, and top off with a quality New England blend grass seed.

BUSH REMOVAL - We offer bush and shrub removal with haul out, and a deep grind of all stumps and roots for a fresh start on your garden area, ready for new plantings.

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